Sonam Bansal

Sonam is a Business Administration post- graduate from the prestigious Delhi University. After completing her higher education , she successfully ventured into the field of travel and tourism by starting her first venture in Delhi in the year 2010. Her love for travel and exploring the hidden resources in the Himalaya's lead her to diversify into a wellness and skincare brand. Thus was born Februus Organics, a brand based on the philosophy to bring everything Pure from the magnificent hills into our everyday live, to benefit us and yet have a minimal impact on the environment.

Her passion for exploring artisan food products from around the globe also inspired her to add gourmet range in Februus organics. While attending the culinary classes, during her recent visit to Italy in the year 2019, she felt the lack of homemade quality based Italian sauces along with affordable pricing in the Indian food market. Thus she launched her Artisan Italian sauces range in 2020.

Her cumulative experiences and education led her to becoming a serial entrepreneur by both passion & profession – launching innovative and creative businesses along the way. This was enabled by having supportive parents who had taught her the value of hard work and social consciousness.  With her passion deeply entrenched in finding more goodness for all, she is dedicated to her pursuit of taking Februus Organics to greater heights.


Varun Bansal 
Technology Head 

Varun is a Information Technology - Post Graduate , with over 10 years of experience in the field of IT , he is the back bone for the entire Technology and creative part of the brand Februus. Right from development and maintenance of our website to handling his entire team of budding IT engineers, they make sure there are minimum challenges for our clients while ordering our products through any of our online platforms. 


Arpit Bansal 
Product Head - R&D

Arpit is a Business administration post - graduate from the prestigious Delhi University. With over 10 years of experience in product sourcing and development , he is the man who takes care of the entire procurement from the farmer level, the supply chain along with research and development of new products. Along with Sonam they collectively take care of the entire process of getting the goods from the farmers to your doorstep.


Soransh Anand 
Sales and marketing - Head

Soransh is the one who gets our sales pumping , so that we achieve greater heights and are able to deliver the purity of Februus to maximum households. 

He has over 5 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, along with the sales he also takes care of the collaborations for brand Februus.


Gargi Bansal 
Creative and Social media - Head 

Gargi is the brain behind all our creatives and social media accounts. She heads a team of young and budding designers , and they make sure fresh ideas and thoughts float through all our social media handles on a regular basis. The entire creative , graphic,  advertisement and branding work of our company is handled by Gargi and her team of super enthusiast designers.